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An all-volunteer nonprofit or with only one employee has many administrative challenges. How do we share information; e.g., calendar, schedules, assignments, rosters, documents, policies, procedures, etc? Sharing by e-mail becomes cumbersome. How do I know I have the latest version? How do I keep track of my official messages among my personal?

There are options, some better than others.

One option is a shared cloud drive such as Dropbox or Google Drive provides a place to store documents. It is easy to create an account. However, it requires planning a file management structure and document naming conventions that all users would recognize. It also requires planning and administration regarding document reliability; e.g., access to edit a document. In addition, some information such a calendar or a roster, which should be quickly accessible, requires finding the document and clicking or downloading to open.

A more robust option is to create a secure extranet site limited to registered users. The website could be designed to provide quick menu links to calendars, rosters, notifications, newsletters, policies, procedures, agenda, minutes, etc. to the nonprofit’s board of directors, volunteers, staff, etc. For example, one click on an option in the extranet menu could open the organization calendar, another link could filter the volunteers calendar.

WordPress and its plugins provide significant flexibility to design and develop an extranet site that meets the information needs of the nonprofit.


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